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Welcome to the Studio!

In addition to her work on-stage as an artist, Gretchen also has a busy life behind the scenes.  See below for the products she offers, because being the Gemini that she is, she can’t do just ONE thing…  How ‘bout them apples?!!! 

Voice Lessons:

Gretchen teaches vocal technique to singers of all levels.  (She is not a coach…but we can discuss the difference, later…)  As a singer performing regularly in New York, having juggled an artistic career with those pesky pay-the-rent gigs, Gretchen Reinhagen understands firsthand the challenges singers face every day.  Her life experience combined with her proven technique, allow her to create lessons uniquely tailored to the individual needs of each student. Among the many things you'll learn with Gretchen, are learning to sing at the speaking level, developing "one voice" (helping to eliminate breaks), and creating your own "Technique Tool Kit" which can be applied to any song! Above all else, you'll have fun and enjoy learning at your own pace in a safe and nurturing environment.  Gretchen has been fortunate to study with Judith Farris, one of New York's top voice teachers, who continues to serve as her mentor.  Judith herself was a protégé of former renowned voice teacher Keith Davis.  Between them, their rosters have included a “Who's Who” on Broadway.

Cabaret Direction:

Touted as a director on the rise, Gretchen ended her first year as a full time director by taking home the MAC Award for Best Director – an honor she shared with Major Cabaret Artist/Broadway Actor/Voice Teacher/Director, Eric Michael Gillett.  Mentored by the award-winning, director to the stars, Barry Kleinbort, Gretchen focuses on helping artists craft a well-rounded show.  She collaborates with musical directors on creating arrangements that serve both the singer and the show; encouraging artists to dig into lyrics and interpretations.  Additionally, she helps artists create a set list and running order that fully supports their story, and develop patter that flows well with that personal touch that makes the show unique to that artist.  Gretchen often quotes Kleinbort in saying that “another artist could do the exact same set list, in the exact same order and it wouldn’t be your show.  No one should be able to do your show, but you.” She’ll work hard to help you create YOUR show – tailored specifically to YOU!

Cabaret Performance Workshop:

Gretchen has been teaching a successful series of performance workshops, partnering with musical director, Tracy Stark*.  In this class, singers will work on song interpretation, arrangements, PATTER! (This is always a biggie, and an entire class is dedicated to this topic), and how to craft an individual set for a group show.  This workshop is a great preparation for artists looking to debut their own show, as well as an opportunity for currently performing singers to hone their skills and take their performance to the next level.  The 8-class workshop will culminate in a performance at a well-known cabaret club, where each singer performs a 3-song set.  The workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 students. 
*Musical Director subject to change based on availability.


Voice Lesson Location:
Studios 353
353 West 48th St, 2nd Floor
New York, NY  10036
(Between 8th and 9th Aves closer to 9th)
*Location subject to availability and may change to another midtown-west studio between 24th and 54th Streets

Cabaret Rehearsals Location:

First choice is Studios 353, but will travel to another studio of your choosing depending on schedule and availability.*

*Midtown preferred.  Travel of more than 30minutes, door-to-door, from midtown will result in a charge for travel time.  Not available to rehearse outside of Manhattan.  Out of town gigs are the exception and will be accommodated on a case by case basis.

*Gretchen will assist with booking studio space, however, voice students and directing clients are responsible for all studio fees. Fees typically range from $17-$25/hour.


Payments are due at the beginning of the session.  Cash, Check or Credit Card accepted.

  • $70/hour for both voice lessons and directing.*
    • “Directing” includes rehearsals, consultations and meetings to discuss anything from show ideas to patter, etc.
  • Director Show Fee is $140 for first show in run.  Additional shows are $50.
  • Note: These fees does not include studio rental fees which range from $15-25 generally.  Studios 353 is going up to $17/hour in September 2013.  My fee is kept down, to accommodate the studio rental fee.
  • The cabaret performance workshops are $550, and the price is all-inclusive, including a DVD of the show.  There are no additional performance or studio fees.


24 hour notice is required for all lessons and rehearsals.  Cancellation with less than 24 hour notice, will result in a full charge for the lesson or rehearsal.  Illness, travel problems, etc are still subject to 24 hour notice. 

There are no exceptions to this policy, however – if you are permitted to swap your time with another client. (Note – this is easier for voice students than directing clients as there are often other people involved in your cabaret rehearsal – but if we can make it work, great!)  Ask about access to our studio Google group where you can post notices to other singers in our studio.

Cancellation policies are standard practice and the standard is actually starting to lean towards 48-72 hours.  My policy remains 24 hours, however as much notice as possible is greatly appreciated. I recognize that it can be frustrating when issues come up at the last minute, but out of fairness to all clients, as well as a need to compensate for lost time and business, I’m not able to make exceptions.  I thank you in advance for your understanding of this policy.


I ask that you do not bring guests or family members into your lesson or rehearsal.  Even though they love you and support you, having them in the room with us creates a distraction.  Having one-on-one time, or time with just your director and musical director helps us all to focus on you, and your show or your technique, without distractions or self-consciousness.  Surprise them, and make them wait for the final product!

And while we’re on the topic of distractions….turn your phone ringer off, and don’t answer your phone unless it’s a true emergency.  That also applies to texts, words with friends, candy crush, facebook, twitter, instagram, or whatever else you’re doing with your phone…just sayin’…Ok, I haven’t actually seen anyone play candy crush during their voice lesson.


Testimonials and Reviews

"This uplifting show is masterfully directed by Gretchen Reinhagen, who seemingly knows the heart of this woman so well she has crafted the act to showcase [Donna] Hayes at her very best"
Billie Roe, BroadwayWorld

"Gretchen Reinhagen has studied voice with me for the past 10 years, the technique of the former renowned voice teacher Keith Davis. During that time, Gretchen has performed numerous one woman shows and appeared in many productions. Her reviews speak for themselves.  She is not only a knowledgeable and talented singer, but has had several years’ experience as a teacher. I believe she knows how to communicate exactly what the student needs to hear, at the right time, and in the right way to get the most positive result, and in the easiest and most expedient way. I highly recommend her as a superb teacher of voice.”
Judith Farris, Vocal Consultant, New York , NY
Artist in Residence, Theatre/Dance Dept., Southeast Missouri State University

“Gretchen Reinhagen is an excellent voice teacher, who will get you to the next level vocally, and musically.    She has an easy-going personality, with a lot of knowledge about voice technique, music and performance.  She gives great feedback and instruction, without intimidation.”
Tracy Stark, Colleague and Musical Director

“If you are looking for someone that is honest, positive and knows the voice, Gretchen's Voice Studio is the place for you.  This is a working performer, but also a great teacher. She knows what she is doing and she knows how to talk to you so you understand her.  She is easy to work with, and by that I do not mean that she does not push you, she does.”
Bob Diamond, Voice Student & Directing Client

"Gretchen brings the singer's true voice to life. She helped me gain new strengths and overcome repetitive problems by encouragement and communication through the use of imagery and sheer experience!!! She's a great teacher!”
Deborah Bowman, Voice Student

"Gretchen provides a comforting and safe atmosphere allowing you to feel free to let go and experience using proper tools and techniques to get positive results. She strives to help you go beyond your comfort zone and find those areas needing improvement to allow you to be your best but with ease.  On my first visit, she immediately had me doing a fun exercise that had me singing through my tough spot without me even knowing it. Gretchen has an amazing ear and didn't let me go beyond the slightest off pitch without correcting it and had me start over with any trouble spot to fine tune. She strives to help you go beyond and do the best you can do. That's what I wanted and I have not been disappointed.”
Mary Lahti, Voice Student

“I could not have done this [show] without the talent, support, and love of my brilliant Directors, Gretchen Reinhagen and Justin Stoney.  Thank you both for taking such good care of me.”
Donna Hayes, Directing Client

“Cabaret award winner Gretchen Reinhagen is [Bob] Diamond’s director and every single moment in Diamond’s show, including lighting and stage movement, was brilliant. Sidney Myer advised me afterwards that he saw Diamond’s progress in the performance workshop that Reinhagen teaches and that, under her guidance and with her suggestions, Diamond blossomed.”
Joe Regan, Jr., Times Square Chronicles

“The show was well constructed showing the many capabilities of her Director, the multiple award winner, Gretchen Reinhagen.”
Edie Stokes, Times Square Chronicles

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